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Advanced Motor Cycle Skills Training Classes

NOTE: We ARE NOT a basic licensing course.
Please check the Texas DLR website for a complete list of these training providers.

Texas Law Enforcement Officer Owned & Operated


making a U-Turn or dropping your 900 pound motorcycle again!

Here's how ➡

Male, Female, Big, Small, It Doesn't Matter. You too can learn the 3 simple techniques that motor cops have been using for many years. Through a franchise agreement, Ride Like A Pro Houston, LLC, owned & operated by Wayne Coleman and Daryl Stroud, will show you how to use the motor cop riding techniques to better control and handle your motorcycle.
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Learn the proper methods of motorcycle operation from our professionally trained instructors.


Accident statistics show that rider error, inexperience and lack of formal training are contributing factors in most motorcycle accidents.


Riders who have received formal rider training have been found to be 50% less likely to be involved in a motorcycle accident.

About us

The Ride Like a Pro program was started by Jerry “Motorman” Palladino, a retired motor officer living in Florida. Jerry has created an incredible training tool with his “ Ride Like a Pro ” DVDs. Riders come from all over to take his classes. Now these same instructional classes are available here in Texas through Ride Like A Pro Houston, which is a franchise of Jerry “Motorman” Palladino owned by Wayne Coleman and Daryl Stroud. You too can learn the same fundamental skills that the motor officers use. Even experienced riders will improve 100%!



Next Upcoming Event

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17 June 2023
- 1474 Gillingham, Sugar Land, TX
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2022-23 Classes

All local classes will be held at 1474 Gillingham, Sugar Land, Texas, from 8am to noon.


Got a group in your town who would like to organize a class? We'd love to work with you. Get in touch today!

Meet Our team

Wayne Coleman

Wayne Coleman

Police Officer for 30+ Years

Wayne is a 30+ year Texas law enforcement veteran, with a strong love for riding, and a passion for helping others become better riders. He served as a motor officer/instructor, and later as the supervisor over the motor unit. Wayne loves to have fun, whether hunting and fishing, or going somewhere on two wheels, he’s there to have a good time. Wayne was an original partner, starting the Ride Like A Pro Houston franchise in 2008.

Daryl Stroud

Daryl Stroud

Police Officer for 30+ Years

Daryl is also 30+ year veteran in Texas law enforcement, currently serving his department as the supervisor over the motor unit. In 2013 he officially joined Wayne in this training adventure when Wayne’s original partner retired. Although growing up in a 100% “motorcycle-forbidden” household slowed his entry into riding, he wasted no time getting his first bike at 19; after moving out of course. Since then, he’s spent much of his adult life on 2 wheels, and always striving to improve his skills.

Dustin Stroud

Dustin Stroud

Police Officer Since 2012

Dustin followed in his dad’s footsteps and entered Texas law enforcement in 2012. He currently supervises his department’s Traffic Unit, and is actively working toward establishing a motor unit there. Dustin has proven that you don’t have to be a motor officer to be a highly-skilled rider. He started riding at age 19 with the Ride Like A Pro tools as his foundation. His belief in the value of this training has led to his desire to share it with others.

You do not need a therapist if you own a motorcycle.

Get out of your

Comfort Zone

You’ve spent thousands on your motorcycle which is your pride and joy. Shouldn’t you spend a few extra dollars to learn how to ride it properly?

You owe it to yourself and loved ones to invest in skills that could save your life.

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Please contact Wayne or Daryl if you have any questions or comments.

Note: We both have full-time jobs besides managing Ride Like A Pro Houston. If you phone or email us, we will contact you as soon as possible.