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P.O. Box 6  Sugar Land, TX 77487-0006   281-796-0006

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Ride Like A Pro Houston

Training Classes

Learn the Police Motor Officer riding and control techniques featured in the world renowned “Ride Like A Pro V” DVD.

NOTE: We ARE NOT a basic licensing course.  

Please check the Texas DPS website for a complete list of these training providers.

Check out our  Events and Appearances  page
for our out-of-town classes, or contact us if you've got a group in your town who would like to organize a class.  We'd love to work with you.

Our gift certificates make great Christmas gifts!

*** 2021 Dates Now Posted ***

“NEVER FEAR making a U-Turn or dropping your 900 lb. motorcycle again!”  

Male, Female, Big, Small, It Doesn't Matter. You too can learn the 3 simple techniques that motor cops have been using for many years. Through a franchise agreement, Ride Like A Pro Houston, LLC, owned & operated by Wayne Coleman and Daryl Stroud, will show you how to use the motor cop riding techniques to better control and handle your motorcycle.

Learn the proper methods of motorcycle operation from our professionally trained instructors.
Accident statistics show that rider error, inexperience and lack of formal training are contributing factors in most motorcycle accidents.
Riders who have received formal rider training have been found to be 50% less likely to be involved in a motorcycle accident.


The Ride Like a Pro program was started by Jerry “Motorman” Palladino, a retired motor officer living in Florida. Jerry has created an incredible training tool with his “ Ride Like a Pro ” DVDs.

Riders come from all over to take his classes. Now these same instructional classes are available here in Texas through Ride Like A Pro Houston, which is a franchise of Jerry "Motorman" Palladino owned by Wayne Coleman and Daryl Stroud.

You too can learn the same fundamental skills that the motor officers use. Even experienced riders will improve 100%!


  • The slow race
  • 12' slow cone weave
  • 24' circle
  • Off-set cone weave
  • U-turn exercise
  • Iron cross intersection
  • 24' figure eight
  • Demonstrations of each exercise by the instructors
  • Sturdy ankle boots
  • Valid driver license with M endorsement
  • Motorcycle in good working condition
  • Registration and proof of valid insurance
  • 2500 miles riding experience
  • Eye protection
  • Dot approved helmet
  • Sturdy pants (no sweat pants)

Ride Like A Pro® Houston
P.O. Box 6
Sugar Land, TX 77487-0006





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